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Calm Yah Nerves - G.O.N.I. The Phenom - 30 Years Young (CD, Album)

6 thoughts on “ Calm Yah Nerves - G.O.N.I. The Phenom - 30 Years Young (CD, Album)

  1. Groramar
    6 natural ways to calm nerves. 1) Cut down on caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant, so when we are feeling nervous drinks like coffee increase our heart rate and can amplify our feelings of nervousness. When we take caffeine in the run up to something nerve wracking it can increase the speed of our speech as well, which is usually a tell-tale sign.
  2. Malmaran
    Sep 03,  · I'm trying out for the Nutcracker ballet this weekend and I cannot seem to get it off my mind. I just keep thinking that I might not make it, or that I might, or I just get confused. I keep getting butterflies in my stomach even though the auditions aren't until Saturday! I just need some ways to relax myself, especially right before the audition. Also, any tips on how to audition would be.
  3. Kizuru
    5 Realistic Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before an Important Event. Maybe it’s an important meeting. Perhaps it’s a presentation that you need to deliver. Or, maybe you’re feeling intimidated by the thought of needing to walk into that networking event and introduce yourself to strangers.
  4. Nill
    Calm: When the daily chaos of life becomes overwhelming, and you find yourself on the edge of a cliff - do not rush to rush down. You know it will hurt, right? Instead, use these 17 techniques to uncover your parachute of calm and land smoothly without injury or consequences. Use a spray with lavender water Studies have shown that this flowering plant can be used both to relax muscles and as.
  5. Merr
    Jun 19,  · Verbena. Verbena flower has tons of properties. It relaxes the body and treats problems related to stress, nerves, anxiety, and insomnia. Some people use it for its digestive properties, because it reduces gas and relieves colic (it’s antispasmodic).. You can choose fresh flowers and leaves to add to various dishes, or even as flavoring for various juices and lemonades.
  6. Zum
    Oct 10,  · For years, scientists thought that these powerful sedatives, which are used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and sleeping disorders, worked alone to calm nerves.

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