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Its Been A Long Time - Deni Gauthier - Man About Town (The Re Master) (CDr)

9 thoughts on “ Its Been A Long Time - Deni Gauthier - Man About Town (The Re Master) (CDr)

  1. Tujin
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  5. JoJocage
    Deni’s previous full-length CDs include Quiet Town (), i (am) hope (), and Man About Town (). His songs have been played frequently on CBC Radio 1, and singles including Into the West and All I Really Want have reached top status on radio stations across Canada. The mini-fest breaks out Nov, Music pm, Hugh’s Room Live.
  6. Yozshuktilar
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  7. Mezishakar
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  8. Nizragore
    Issue 17 of Down The Line magazine. Interviews with Stranger Kings, Deni Gauthier, The Altar Billies, Dan Zimmerman, Gordon Driver (Exile Records), and Brian Godawa. Also Staff Picks.

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